Download GBwhatsapp Mini APK Latest Version 6.70 APK

Download GBWhatsApp Mini APK Latest Version 2019

 GBwhatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp Messenger. You can get more features of this WhatsApp when you download it on your device. GBwhatsapp mini APK is among the popular whatsapp MOD whatsapp you can download and use on your device.

APP Name GBWhatsApp Mini
Last Update April 2019
Current version 6.65
Size 26,4MB
Root Requered No
Requered Android 4.3+
Developer SAM Mods
Category WhatsApp MOD

In fact, there are variety of WhatsApp Mod besides the GBWhatsApp Mini APK, such as WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp, and YOWhatsApp. Why should you use GBWhatsApp Mini APK? First, as mentioned before, GBWhatsApp Mini APK is considered as one of the most well-known MODs among users. The other reason is because this mod offers maximum user experience by providing excessive features with relatively small size of APK file. The following passages will tell more about this little yet useful WhatsApp Mod.


Download GBWhatsApp Mini APK and Enjoy These  Features

GBWhatsApp Mini APK is actually a compressed version of GBWhatsApp. We can also call this as the official GBWhatsApp’s “light version”. The former version has pretty big size which is 35 MB which mostly considered as bothersome. On the other hand, this mini version takes lesser space in your device as it just has 22 MB in size. Choosing to download GBWhatsApp Mini APK will help your RAM to work more smoothly, faster, and more stable even it has low specification.

There are many exclusive features offered. In order to get maximum experience, it’s best to download GBWhatsApp Mini APK in the latest version of 6.55. It has some improvements, such as fixating process on some bugs. You will get two themes that you can change in frequent basis: dark and light. If you are not satisfied enough with the available themes, just download your own preference of themes through GBWA theme server. It is using Official WhatsApp Feature, which is 2.18.122 version. It can be installed without having to command “root”. Just like your usual WhatsApp app, GBWhatsApp Mini APK can download the series of photos and videos status. You can also send many kinds of files up to 1 GB. Moreover, users can make their status lasts longer with the additional time of duration, from 24 hours to 48 hours.

1. DND mode
GBWhatsApp Mini APK has unique features of DND Mode, an action to freeze WhatsApp so you cannot send or receive any message. There are times when you just want to lay in your bed, doing nothing, not thinking about anything at all. By activating this mode, you can get peacefulness. Your WhatsApp account won’t show any notification if you’re still activating this mode.

2. Security and privacy service
Just download GBWhatsApp Mini APK and you will have a convenient experience as you can always choose to non-activate any form of pop-up notification while you access it. There are no kinds of advertisements too, that will be pretty stressful and distracting if they show up while you’re opening your mod. You want a secure management system for WhatsApp data? This Mod will give the way by supporting app lock with certain pattern.

You need more security services? It offers a complete package. Sometimes, you want to hide yourself from some account because of some unfinished businesses, at the same time you still have to open your WhatsApp to finish another affair. Hiding “online” status might be the best option for you, and this Mod provides you the way to turn off “online” status, so your existence in WhatsApp can be concealed. Other features to support you in this kind of situation is by hiding the blue and grey tick marks that indicate some messages have been read. You can also hide the status of you doing some activities that’s usually displayed below the account name, such as status when you are recording voice messages, or when you are typing or replying some messages.GBwhatspp mini

3. Anti-Revoke
If you download GBWhatsApp Mini APK, it will help you to hide blue microphone button in your page chat too. If you are mad and then voicing something you shouldn’t have said or type, you probably always choose to use the unsent feature. However, this feature can be annoying if your chat partner uses it too often. You might want to end your conversation earlier. This app will help by providing an anti-revoke action. Unlike the unsent message action, this feature will ensure that your partner cannot take back what he/she types. If he uses the unsent message, this anti-revoke feature can always recover it back both for the receiver and sender. The media sharing feature will be fully available soon, as it is still in the developing process for this version.

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Several Steps to Download GBWhatsApp Mini APK

You can download the GBWhatsApp APK via the button below. Then you will be redirected to the site and wait 60 seconds for the download button to appear.

GBWhatsApp Mini


  1. First thing you have to do is to uninstall the official WhatsApp version from your device. If there are many important conversation and data, you can do some backups first by going to settings, go to “Chat” option, pick “Chat Backup” > “Backup”.
  2. After that, you have to completely uninstall the official WhatsApp application.
  3. Download the latest version of the file installer of GBWhatsApp mini APK. You have to makes sure your phone or device has enabled the security option of “Allowing unknown sources”. This action will help if you are using apk installer from outside the Play Store.
  4. Install APK by opening it. After you complete the installation, just login with your WhatsApp phone number.

Now you have a complete package of MOD with much better experience on your device . Using GBwhatsapp MOD is the very best important thing you can use to send and receive messages from your friends and family.

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