Download Whatsapp MOD iPhone / iOS 12 APK For Android 2019


Download WhatsApp MOD iPhone / iOS 12 APK for Android Based RC

Download WhatsApp MOD iPhone / iOS 12 APK for Android Based RC Fouad – You find many MOD apps based on WhatsApp. Each has similarities and differences to attract more users. If you want iPhone style, just download WhatsApp MOD iPhone / iOS 12 Style Besed RC Fouad. This mod uses iOS as the theme for the entire WhatsApp appearance. You get a background and user interface as if you have iPhone at hand. This is why people like to download and install it.

This mod provides what official version cannot do. WhatsApp becomes the top communication messager, but there are many things that developer cannot provide until now, like limitation to send file, no privacy to lock chatting history, and standard background. Moreover, the font sizes and background styles are still standard with less artistic side. In this case, many users consider WhatsApp mod as alternative to fulfil their desire.

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More Information to Download WhatsApp MOD iPhone / iOS 12 APK

Before exploring more about how to download WhatsApp MOD iOS 12 Style Besed RC Fouad, you need to know few important things. It is not official app, but using similar basis to modify the appearance. Mod app means the application receives modification or customization, without losing the standard feature. You still have the same WhatsApp version, but it’s more attractive, secure, and reliable. Modification process does not change WhatsApp into new app.

However, the entire design and setting is still similar. That’s what you get from this WhatsApp mod. You can still find features to send text, voice, files, document, video, etc. The only difference is the style and few additional customs. The phone still recognizes it as WhatsApp. whatsapp MOD iPhone

Features Of Whatsapp MOD iPhone 

1. Theme and appearance

At the first release, WhatsApp did not provide custom background. Developer focused only on communication aspects, such as messaging and video call. Then, users received upgrades like voice recorder, direct photo, custom background, more privacy setting, and new menus. Those new things are not enough because users want more attractive feature and appearance. That’s why Android mod is available for WhatsApp.

This app uses iOS 12 as the main theme. It is new version of iOS that’s available for iPhone and iPad. Why do you want this theme? Keep in mind Apple iOS as the prominent name because of attractive and beautiful interface. Unfortunately, the basic theme in official WhatsApp is not quite interactive. This mod is alternative if you want to experience iOS style in WhatsApp without changing the entire phone setting.

2. Privacy setting

Attractive interface seems not enough because users want more privacy setting. WhatsApp uses encryption to protect all data. Developer said that administrator and system do not know what you send since all data are encrypted. However, it is only from system, not user. Your fiends still see what you have done if they have access to open your WhatsApp. There is no lock feature to protect from this situation.

That’s no longer happen when you download WhatsApp MOD iOS 12 Style Besed RC Fouad. This app has capability to protect conversation with lock. Your friends play game using your phone. In that case, they might open your WhatsApp without permission. Anything you send, type, attach, and write will be exposed. To prevent such thing, this mod provides lock mode for every conversation and contact.

Moreover, you are capable to hide online status. As you know, WhatsApp shows that you are online when communicating with others. In certain situation, it makes you uncomfortable. With privacy setting, you can choose to hide online status in this mod app. Furthermore, the privacy features also include hide blue ticks, see status without other knowing, and block more contacts.

3. File size and longer status

One reason why you should install this mod is the longer status to share. WhatsApp only provides thirty seconds for shared status. If you need more, this mod is good option. Longer status means more file and video to share. Besides, you can send bigger file up to 50MB.

4. Security and safety

People feel hesitation when installing mod app because of security and safety concern. Is this mod safe and secure? For your information, the creator of this mod does not change basic system. It only offers more features on interface and privacy setting. You get the iOS theme, but overall system is still the same. Therefore, this mod is secure, so you do not have to worry about losing data or fraud.

Download WhatsApp MOD iPhone / iOS 12 Besed RC Fouad

How to download WhatsApp MOD iOS 12 Style Besed RC Fouad? This question brings you to the steps to download and install this app. Before going further, two preliminary steps need to be done. Firstly, keep backup all file and history, including contacts. Secondly, uninstall the official WhatsApp as your phone only recognizes one app.

To get a truly similar iPhone / iOS 12 style, you have to use the iOS 12 theme with an XML extension that you will have to load through the RC WhatsApp settings. Download WhatsApp MOD iOS 12 APK along with the iOS 12 XML theme via the link button below.

APP Name RC WhatsApp iPhone
Last Update November 2018
Version 7.70 FIX
Size 48.76MB
Root Requered No
Requered Android 4.0+
Developer Richar Correa
Category WA MOD



After downloading you will lots more of features from this whatsapp MOD iOS.


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